New mixing scheme installed

When we first started in 1984, we used to mix our own paint but sadly EU legislation changed, and we had to switch to premixes.

The problem with a pre-mix is that someone else mixes the paint and in the case of a factor up to 5o mixes can be produced in a morning and by shear volume alone there is a high margin for error.

I am happy to say that new legislation now allows use to return to mixing our own paint, this allows a one on one as each vehicle will have its colour individually mixed and matched to the job.

We have joined General paints as they are now one of the market leaders in paint production, each colour chip is painted in their own product so simply what you see is what you get, the computer system allows to check the standard colour and any shade variants, with recommendations for the most popular mixes.

Accompanying the scheme is a Spectrophotometer, this allows for the more difficult colours to be scanned and a formula mixed to match that specific repair.

To accompany the new scheme we use products and tools supplied by Wurth UK, the tools are manufactured to a very high standard and they also supply a vast range of chemical products fixtures and fittings, all in all a great team to produce a great finish.

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