There is a misconception that all new panels are covered in a protective coating and therefore are good to prime and paint, this simply isn’t the case, the coatings used by the manufacturers is for storage of the panels while in stock to prevent surface corrosion.

It is good to keep this coating on the panel and to re-prime over it but measures must be taken to protect the panel from the inside. If you don’t then the life span of the panel is greatly reduced, for panels that have cavities like say doors, tailgates and quarter panels a quality cavity wax is a must and if the panel has access to the outside elements like floor pans, and front wings etc then a UBC (under body coating) needs to be used without question. Too many repairers avoid using waxes and coatings simply because they can’t be bothered and if you can’t see it then I’m sure no one is going to ask.

Most UBC’s have a rust retardant, so not only do they prevent rust from forming they stop any that has started from going any further. Wurth UK are one of the leading suppliers of these and many other products which in my opinion is a must for any automotive repair.  There is no point having a bright new shiny panel that within 12 months is going to start to rot.

It is also a misconception that rust retardants and various sealers are good only for classic car repairs and restorations but how would you feel if you had a damage repair done at a garage and because they didn’t use any protection on those nice new panels you beloved new car has gone from busted to rusted?

As I get better at these blogs I will be showing different repairs, the use of lead and other interesting things (hopefully) to do with car repairs and repainting.

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