My story

So here is my first blog to introduce to you (the general public) myself and what I actually do and what I stand for.

I am old school so believe in customer service, it’s not all about the money although saying that we all need it to live. I like to go that bit further, my interest is in the job and the satisfaction I get when I turn out a good job and in return receive that greatly welcome praise from the customer.  Sometimes a pat on the back goes a very long way.

I first started in 1984 in a small makeshift garage in Wharf Lane Twickenham, there I met a vast array of clients the likes you wouldn’t expect in such a small garage; the governor general of Western Australia (at least he was at the time), Sebastian Co before he became Sir (he brought his sister down to have an estimate),  Shawn Blowers from then London’s Burning and many more….

Twickenham is an under-valued town but full of surprises. The film industry thrives here with producers and actors alike, on screen and TV … there I will stop as it looks like I’m trying to get a job with the Come See Twickenham foundation!

So, I have been in business for about 35 years and first started as all hands-on beginners start in the motor trade – sweeping up and making tea but you know if you really want to learn then just being in a workshop is the perfect place for all that skill to rub off on you.

As a lad I spent most of my holidays helping the old man at his place of work, working with panel beaters and painters, learning traditional methods of repairs like lead loading and more difficult arts like lead finishing. These skills I still use today as I have a passion for classic cars.

Here at Phoenix I work on three main categories – accident repairs, classic restoration (and classic car repairs) and prestige cars. Because of the high-end cars I work on I have a disgustingly high insurance premium and enough security to make Fort Knox look like a lock up at the bottom of your garden.

I am heavily involved with Wurth UK, I stock a vast amount of premium product from under body waxes, anti-corrosion protection to all the latest in equipment to assist me in making your job the best I can.

For the past 15 years I have also been involved with an accident management company (AMA Limited). Now this is quite a tricky point as there are so many of these companies out there who ask you to sign contracts and pay the garages a disgustingly high referral fee. These are the ones you really want to steer clear off. My guys do personal injury claims if that’s what you need but for me it’s all about the accident damage. They establish liability, that means they do all the running around and don’t think for one minute it’s because they really want to help.  The reason for that is once they know who is paying they then can just crack on, you get a free hire car, the other parties insurance gets the bill, they pay me (thank you very much) and you pay nothing, sounds good Ay! Well I have used them myself on a few occasions and it certainly worked for me.

So anyway, the summary.

Been in business 35 years, do an outstanding job, don’t charge the earth (but am not cheapy Pete), I use all the proper sealants and equipment and try my upmost to bring a smile to your face when you come to collect your car.  All in all not a bad chap to do business with.

Wish you all a great year ahead!

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